Offering you extra living space without the worry of moving home, Loft Conversions continue to be a popular project here in the UK. Whether you’re looking to gain an additional bedroom, boost your storage options or expand upwards for a luxurious master bathroom, the opportunities are endless. At Eclipse Construction, we understand how complex loft conversion projects can be. The structural integrity of your building is often altered and adapted to suit these new needs and this requires experience and a wide range of skills. This is where our team of Contract Managers and tradesmen come in, with a wealth of knowledge allowing them to confidently guide you these major construction projects.

We have worked on a great many loft conversion projects over the past 6 years. Each of these presents it’s own challenges, depending on the building in question and the client’s requirements from the new space. Our professional and hardworking team are highly skilled in this area, having worked independently and alongside other contractors on similar projects in the past. We work with you from the very start, helping to design the new layout and specifying those ‘must-haves’ early on. Once all designs are finalised, our team gets to work building and construction the frame and inner workings of your loft conversion in an optimal time frame and to fit your specified budget. We’ll have people on hand throughout the entire build to provide answers to your questions while keeping you informed of the current status and regarding any challenges that arise. This is all part of the honest and clear service we strive to provide every single client.

Click through the photos below to learn more about many of the loft conversion projects we have worked on. These include simple bedroom conversions through to a more complex garage loft conversion into a room for a carer. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your loft conversion, contact us today.