This is one of our latest projects, after completing the refurbishment of the main house we had 3 barns to convert. Barn 1 has been made into accommodation, we have had to build new walls and cut and fit a new roof. It’s been a real challenge as the architect wants to leave the existing floor in so we have built a new structural floor over the top of the existing one, Ben has done great job running this job and the rest of the team have worked really hard, it is all going to plan.

Barn 2 has had a new roof cut in and fitted. The underside of the roof has been fitted with cedar cladding, also within this barn a toilet has been fitted with a bat housing above as the area is part of a bat protection programme, its been interesting to see how this one has come together.

Barn 3 is a cladding only job, the external of the barn has an unusual design incorporating some hidden windows, we are really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.